Moving Mountains Burger Kit

Moving Mountains DIY Burger Kit

A banging burger, but with a little less meat!


No problem, we've got you covered! Just select the version below!

Why we love this burger kit

We love this burger kit because we always want to include everyone in what we do. We make sure that our menu is accessible to kids and adults alike, regardless of their dietary requirements. Made using the Moving Mountains meat-free patties, this DIY burger kit tastes absolutely amazing. I cannot recommend the Moving Mountains range enough. We spent a long time trying to find something that would provide our meat-free friends with the best possible dining experience and we definitely found it with these!

We use the best ingredients at Big Boys, they are second to none. We strive to find the best of the best, and we truly love what we put into our burgers.

We've put together this burger kit so you can enjoy fantastic burgers at home. They've got a cracking flavour and they stay nice and juicy. When you bite into them the colour is nice and pink, and honestly you'd be forgiven for thinking you were eating beef!

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