Ordinary Boy DIY Kit

Ordinary Boy Kit

Original and ordinary, but no less fantastic!


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Why we love this burger kit

Why do we love this burger kit?

This is the original. When we first opened up as a pop up in 2014 we put together a menu that has some pretty interesting burgers, and we've always had some pretty out there specials (I'm looking at you, Mac & Cheese buns!). This burger is just meat, sauce and salad (if you want it) in a bun. For this reason the meat has to be absolutely amazing, and it is.

We source the beef for this DIY burger kit from Homestead Farm, who are local to the restaurant. The guys there really look after their cows, and really care about what they're doing. The quality really shines through in the final product.

Cook this burger kit to the instructions and you'll end up with one of the best burgers you've ever eaten. People often ask me which one is my favourite, and it's either this or the Juicy Boy, because you don't need all the extras to have a great meal.

If you do fancy something a bit more extravagant, the Fat Boy DIY burger kit might be right up your street!

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