The Fat Boy Kit

The Fat Boy Kit


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Why we love this burger kit

So we started out as a pop up in 2014, and this burger was 'The Big One'. The burger on the menu that you were going to order if you really wanted to be full afterwards. This DIY burger kit has everything you need for a good time - pulled pork, bacon, home made BBQ sauce, cheese - the lot. We were so proud of it, and it was so popular, that it clinched us a space in the top 10 at the 2014 Burger Awards. Unfortunately we weren't winners that year (Gaz had to wait until 2020 to be crowned Burger Chef of the Year) but we came home pumped that we had even got that far!

This burger kit has been put together for you to enjoy what has to be our most popular burger in your own home. The instructions are easy to follow, the ingredients are top notch, and the BBQ sauce is AMAZING. Sweet, smoky and PERFECT on the pulled pork.

If you really want to go to town, try our Garbage Fries DIY Kit - more pulled pork, with honey onions and a cracking American cheese sauce.

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