Big Boys is temporarily closed

Hi all, it is with a very heavy heart that we have made the decision to close Big Boys completely for the time being. We initially put up a message saying we were doing deliveries, but it quickly became apparent that this was too much of a risk to our staff and those around us.

This is a very difficult time for a lot of people, and we all thank you for your support. We would like to thank you all personally from the bottom of our hearts for being so great to us over the years. We wouldn't have believed back in 2014 that we'd be where we are today, and can't wait for all this to blow over so we can get back to doing what we do best!

Guy & Gareth


If you're here to simply donate some money to the cause, we love you. Your continued support at a time like that means the world to us and you will forever have our gratitude. As a thank you to those who donate (regardless of amount) we will be painting a mural at the back of the restaurant with all of your names.

The larger donation amount the larger your name will appear. We'll keep the names up there forever, because you guys deserve it!

**Please make sure you leave your name as a note, otherwise we won't know your name!!**

Home of the finest burgers in Kent! Don't believe us? Come on down and see for yourself!

The 'Big Boys' Gareth and Guy love their burgers, and are proud to be bringing them to you on the Old High Street in Folkestone! Gareth has 16 years' experience in the field of fine dining, having worked alongside such chefs Gordon Ramsay, Michael Caines and Marcus Wareing.

Having spent his career creating the finest tastes and combinations, Gareth has turned his focus on devoting his talent and skills to creating the ultimate burger experience.

All the Big Boys burgers are made with local beef, matured for 28 days. We use soft, delicious brioche buns, and take care to ensure that you'll love our burgers as much as we do!

So come and meet the boys!

Book a table – call us on (01303) 251 566