Big Boys' Little Shop!

We have set up this shop so that our friends, customers and those who love Big Boys can pitch in to help us in this time of need. Folkestone is a town of independent businesses, who put more money back into their local economy than large corporations. Help this local business keep looking after it’s people!

Some of the prices in this shop may seem a little high, but funds raised are going to a good cause.

Once this is all over these items won’t be available again! Please note that due to the shutdown some of these items won’t be posted out for a couple of weeks at least.


If you’re here to simply donate some money to the cause, we love you. Your continued support at a time like that means the world to us and you will forever have our gratitude. As a thank you to those who donate (regardless of amount) we will be painting a mural at the back of the restaurant with all of your names.

The larger donation amount the larger your name will appear. We’ll keep the names up there forever, because you guys deserve it!

**Please make sure you leave your name as a note, otherwise we won’t know your name!!**

Don't Risk it for a Brisket!

Cook-at-home burger kits!

That legendary, award-winning Big Boys meal, cooked fresh, ready to be enjoyed right at home!

Available either as a meal for two or a meal for four, you’ll get a care package with all the ingredients you need to cook up some of that special Big Boys magic, in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Place your order by Wednesday 25th November and you’ll get the burgers delivered Friday 28th November, just in time for your weekly group zoom call, Google Hangouts quiz, D&D session or whatever you’re doing to keep yourself sane at the moment!

This week’s kit is a recreation of one of our favourite burgers we’re calling (Don’t) Risk it for a Brisket! Don’t risk the ‘Rona, we’ll bring the burgers to you! Topped with some of our 9 hour in-house smoked brisket, this is sure to be a winner!

The brisket we’re smoking this week is top quality USDA Ranch Brisket, marbled to perfection and smoked for 9 hours in our home made smoker over apple and cherry that we’ve sourced locally ourselves. We’ve gone to huge lengths to make this as amazing as we can. We hope you love it as much as we do!

In a four person kit you’ll get (half it for a 2 person obvs!);

  • 4 6oz burger patties, made from locally sourced beef, ground in house
  • 4 brioche burger buns
  • 8 slices of Emmental cheese
  • 400g of our 9 hour in-house smoked brisket (100g per burger, don’t be hogging it!)
  • Some of our home made gherkins
  • A bottle of our home made burger sauce
  • A packet of our super secret seasoning
  • A packet of our home made rosemary salt

Plus instructions on how to cook it all up of course!

Please note, this can only be delivered to the following locations; Barham, Bridge, Canterbury, Folkestone, Capel, Elham, Etchinghill, Hawkinge, Hythe, Lyminge, Lympne, Saltwood, Sandgate & Seabrook.

You are welcome to purchase and collect from 4pm Friday.

Little bit more brisket? £16

Want to add a little bit more brisket to your burger kit? 100g of USDA Ranch Brisket not enough to sate your thirst for smoked aromas?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! You can order an extra 1lb of our 9 hour in-house smoked USDA Ranch Brisket! That’s just over 450g of delicious smokiness, all for you to enjoy! This top quality beef is lovingly smoked over apple and cherry in our home made smoker using wood we’ve sourced locally ourselves. The apple comes from orchards just outside of Canterbury and the cherry comes from Guy’s neighbours garden! Farm to table’s got nothing on us!

Don’t fancy the burger kit? Just want the brisket? Not a problem! We’ll be able to deliver it to you on Friday while we’re delivering our kits. Brisket for everybody!

Christmas Bauble! £12.95

Limited stock! Don’t miss it!

You ever feel that Christmas is missing something? Yeah there’s turkey, pigs in blankets, bread sauce and roast potatoes (the best way to enjoy a potato without frying it), but you ever feel like it’s just not enough?

Well feel that way no longer! While I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to enjoy burgers for your Christmas dinner, you can at least enjoy them on your tree!

These really cool Burger Baubles (Burgbles) are the perfect gift for the burger aficionado in your life. We don’t have many, so get them while you can!

Your Face On The Wall – £150

Anyone who is donating to us at the moment will go down in eternal glory. You however. You will ride with us in Valhalla, all shiny and chrome. Your face will be hand painted onto the ‘Thanks Wall’ where it will live forever as a testament to your kindness at a time when we needed you.

We’ll ask you to come in when this is all done and have your photo taken. We’ll then make a stencil of it and paint it onto the wall by hand.

Your Face On Us – £200

What? It makes sense, honest. You give us some money, and we’ll print up a batch of staff shirts with a picture of your face on, and a message of thanks. We’ll then wear those shirts with an immense amount of pride, and a reasonable amount of unease!

We’ll also send you a shirt with your name on, and if you wear it to the restaurant you’ll get a 10% discount!

Big Boys Official Hoody – £80

There are many copies out there, but there’s only one OFFICIAL Big Boys Hoody!

Our logo is screen printed onto a great quality, comfortable bright red hoody. You’ll definitely be spotted in a crowd wearing this thing. Unless you’re with us lot, then you’ll blend in pretty well. Purchasers of this hoody not only get the fuzzy warm feeling of helping out our staff, but they’ll also be able to claim free burgers, sides, shakes or upgrades when announced on social media, so keep it clean, pressed and ready to rock!

Please remember you’re not just buying a hoody, but you’re helping us out and will likely make all the money back in free food!

Size :

Big Boys Official T shirt £40

A bright red shirt with our logo emblazoned across the front in white.

Great quality shirts and a great quality print means this shirt will last for years. They’re the ones we wear in the restaurant and they’re subjected to a LOT of abuse! Much like the hoody, wearing this in the restaurant at certain times will allow you to claim rewards. The shirts will be subject to fewer rewards hence the lower price.

Please remember you’re not just buying a shirt, but you’re helping us out, and will eventually make all the money back in free food!

Size :

Classic Burger Print – £20

This awesome burger print was designed by local illustrator Elliot Masters, who also designed our awesome menus for us. We loved it so much we had to put it on our t-shirts and it ended up becoming one of our logos! I even have it on the back of my car. Each print will come hand signed by Elliot himself!

Now you too can own a limited edition copy of this excellent piece of art. We’ll be limiting prints of this to 20, so get one while you can!

Printed on top quality 150 gsm brilliant white paper with a cream background. The piece is 20x20cm and if you’d like it framed we can have that organised for an extra £20.


A Burger A Week For A Year – £600

That’s right! A Burger a week for a year! That’s 52 burgers! You’ll have your table booked, table of your choice, every single week for an entire year.

This will entitle you to receive any burger we have on offer, including the special and will also allow you to upgrade your fries.

Buying this will save you £300 over the course of the year! We’ll also give you the number for a great personal trainer!


Homemade Hot Sauce – £8

A bottle of our amazing home made hot sauce. Made from a secret recipe using Scotch Bonnet peppers, this lovely gingery sauce will leave a pleasant burn without overdoing it. Great on wings, fries, scratchings or whatever you decide to cover with it!

Homemade BBQ Sauce – £8

We use this stuff so much in the restaurant! It’s a lovely sauce, not too sweet, just the right amount of smoke. This is what we use on our BBQ wings, our pulled pork and in the Fat Boy. A fantastic sauce we’re really proud of!

The Big Boys Black Card – £7000

Right. This one is the big one. It’s very special. This card entitles the holder to free food. FOR LIFE.

Fancy a burger? Just drop in and grab one. Any burger on the menu, any special we’ve got on, you want it, it’s yours. Just show the card and it’s game on.

Terms and conditions apply;

  • One burger per day limit
  • Only to be used by the card holder
  • Food cannot be claimed and given to others
  • Card ceases to be valid if Big Boys ceases to trade
  • Card becomes invalid once the holder passes away and cannot be given or gifted to another.
  • There are more terms we can iron out with the card holder upon purchase.

Big Boys Gift Cards

There are only 100 gift cards available as we closed before we could put another order in. These cards are proper plastic credit card sized, hard wearing and this set of 100 will not be limited to 1 year of use.

These gift cards will last forever, buy one now and if you’re not sure you’ll be able to get down to see us, don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time!

Guy's Super Hot Sauce – £12

This stuff is made with the same recipe as our normal hot sauce, but this one doesn’t muck about. Instead of the Scotch Bonnets we use Trinidad Scorpions, Bhut Jolokia & Carolina Reaper peppers – the three hottest breeds we could get our hands on! Sold in a small tub, you really don’t need a lot to feel the burn on this one.

Buyer beware, this’ll trash your whole night if you’re not careful!

Homemade Meat Rub – £8

When we slow cook the pork at Big Boys we absolutely cover it with this banging meat rub. Homemade to another secret recipe it goes well on almost any meat. We use it mainly for pork and chicken wings, but it brings out the flavour in almost anything. A great gift for a friend that likes to cook!

Tasting Menu For 4 – £200

So this is a new one to us! Hannah had the great idea of offering a tasting menu, so here it is!

Obviously this will be only be available once we re-open, but let our chefs share their love of American food with you! This won’t be limited to what’s on the menu, there’ll be a whole host of different things to try, and you certainly won’t go hungry!

Our chefs are passionate about what they make, and they’re always down in the kitchen experimenting with new things, so let them bring that excitement to your table for one night!

You’ll be served by Guy, one of the owners, and Gareth and Carter (the chefs) will pop up to chat to you from time to time about the food and why they chose certain things. This is a really cool one, thanks Hannah!

Small Big Boys Sticker Set – £6

A mixed set of our really cool Big Boys stickers. We had these made a while ago but never did much with them. You’ll receive a mixture of our text logo and our burger logo stickers in a pack of 10.

Just make sure you don’t stick them places they shouldn’t go!

Large Big Boys Sticker Set – £12

I’ve put one of these on my car, they’re really cool! Big stickers, roughly 20cm square, you’ll receive two stickers, one of each design.

Burger Puzzle – £12

A Puzzle of a burger! These are limited. We can’t remember where we got them, but we remember that they’re cool!

The perfect thing to keep you busy at home during the lockdown! Get ’em while stocks last!

Big Boys Fridge Magnets – £10

These are made for us to order by another trader on the Old High St. They’re really cool and we only just started playing around with the design before we had to close. Hopefully there’ll be more designs eventually, but for now it’s a big square logo!

Your Basket