Guy’s Super Hot Sauce

Guy's Super Hot Sauce

Why we love this sauce

We introduced our original hot sauce when we were still a pop up, to mixed acclaim. There were many who, like us, thought it had just the right amount of flavour and heat. But there were those who thought it should be hotter. They wanted to really feel the heat.

Well this definitely brings the heat. Made with some of the hottest peppers available, this is definitely something to be careful with!

This bad boy is the same recipe as our original hot sauce, but packed with the hottest peppers we could find! I went on holiday to Devon and stopped in at the South Devon Chilli Farm. I knew these guys were growing some of the hottest peppers in the world, so went and got some. It still has the amazing ginger flavour of the original but that is quickly blown off your taste buds by the Carolina Reapers and the Bhut Jolokias!

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